Saturday, 10 February 2018

whiskey words & a shovel by r.h. Sin (Book Review)

Rating: 3 stars

whiskey words & a shovel I by r.h. Sin is a collection of free verse poetry. 

It’s a revised edition of the original collection, which was published in 2015. This edition contains revised poems, an added foreword, and more poems. 

The poems centre on Sin’s past relationship troubles, and his present relationship with Samantha, his muse, who has helped him find happiness. 

The poems vary in length, some extremely short, and some a little longer. They’re straight to the point and written in a simple manner, easy to understand. 

Some of the poems are about the author’s heartache, which may finally bring peace to readers who have experienced similar suffering. Others are optimistic and inspiring, encouraging readers to love themselves.

This is the first book in his whiskey words & a shovel poetry trilogy.

I'm conflicted about my overall feelings of this book, since there were some really good poems, and there were some really cliche poems. 

I found some of the poems really relatable, and loved how they were expressed in a clear and honest manner. I liked how a number of inspirational poems were included among the heartache.

I didn’t like how some of the poems were a bit repetitive, and blatantly cliche. 

The poems were easy to read, since they were straight-to-the point and written in a simplistic manner.

Recommended for: anyone who's 14 years and older, and is a beginning poetry reader, or anyone who wants to read straightforward poetry. 

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